Ryan Lochte’s Ankle was Injured During DWTS Stage Rush


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Ryan Lochte was apparently injured when protestors interrupted his performance on Dancing with the StarsBy now you’ve probably heard the story of Ryan Lochte’s fabricated mugging in Brazil…in fact you’ve probably heard it so many times that you’re ready to move on to move on to the next item in the news reel!

Well, apparently, there are still people who are obsessing over Ryan’s story, because two protesters rushed the stage during the Olympians debut Dancing With the Stars performance on Monday night.

Thankfully, security was on hand and responded quickly, subduing the stage crashers. While no one was seriously injured, Ryan’s dance partner, Cheryl Burke, did report that his ankle was injured during the scuffle to subdue the protesters!

Regardless of the hubbub, Cherly revealed that the duo will be working on their quickstep for next week, assuming Ryan is up to performing. I wish them both luck, and hope that Ryan’s ankle will be up to the rigorous training requirements!
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