These Lego Slippers will [Sort of] Save Christmas

Wouldn't you love to see these Lego slippers under the tree this Christmas?There is no pain quite like the stabbing foot pain that comes right after stepping on a piece of Lego. It hurts so much because a: you have a TON of nerve endings on the bottom of your feet; b: the bricks are hard and resilient, so they put a lot of force back into your foot when you connect with them; and c: the sharp corners concentrate that force to create a supercharged dose of ouch!

But…you probably don’t care so much about the ‘why’ as you do about the “how can I make sure this never happens again?” Well, thankfully, Lego has a solution! The geniuses at Lego France partnered with a local branding company to create a slipper that will ‘Lego-proof’ your foot.

Super padded and emblazoned with the Lego logo, these babies are non-foot specific, so you can stumble into them in the middle of the night without even thinking (especially useful since midnight is a prime time for Lego-related injuries. Trust me, I speak from personal experience.)

The only down-side to this awesome new development? Just 1500 of these slippers have been made, and they’re randomly being gifted to users who fill out Christmas wish lists on the Lego France website.

So, for now, those of us in the U.S. and the rest of the world can only dream of a universe in which Lego foot pain has been stamped out. But it can’t be long until these babies make the jump across the pond…right? Here’s hoping!

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