Tim McGraw is Faith Hill’s Post Foot Surgery Nurse

Faith Hill is leaning on Tim McGraw as she recovers from foot surgeryFaith Hill recently took to Instagram to reveal that she’d elected to have foot surgery in order to repair an old injury of unknown origin. She shared a picture of herself in bed, with a propped up foot and a caption that read:

"Catching up on some reading while I recover from a foot surgery that I finally decided to have from a past injury. Gettin' stage ready for 2017. Oh, yes . . . . I am going to slay!!!! A MUST read article with Reese and Dolly Parton in the December issue of Instyle. Lot's of great quotes from this article. I love these women!!!!"

Meanwhile, hubby Tim McGraw shared a photo from the kitchen, where he was rolling out some dough, likely baking some get-better cookies for his recuperating wife.

Foot surgery will undoubtedly out you out of commission for a period of time until your body recovers enough to be able to bear weight or get around with some form of immobilizing cast or device.

Before you decide to have foot surgery, make sure you really need to have an operation by scheduling a second opinion appointment and make sure you have discussed your post-operational plans with the doctor you eventually select.

Tanglewood Foot Specialists is happy to provide second-opinion surgical appointments, so schedule your session with Dr. Andrew Schneider before making any decisions.  
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Dr. Andrew Schneider is a podiatrist and foot surgeon at Tanglewood Foot Specialists in Houston, TX.
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