Houston podiatrist treats painful hammer toesWhile hammer toes themselves are not hereditary, the foot type that causes them are. If you always noticed that your parent or grandparent with toes that hump up, you are at risk for developing one too! This is an important distinction, since if you notice your toes starting to buckle early, you can take measures to prevent a hammertoe from developing. It is important to note that hammer toes are generally not caused by shoes, but rather by the mechanics and overall stability of your foot.

If your foot resembles a family member who has a one or more toes that are hammer toes, or you notice that your toes are starting to buckle, don't wait to get it checked. When you treat a hammer toe in the early stages, the faulty mechanics can be addressed with a custom orthotic to restore stability to the foot. This can prevent hammer toes from forming or stop them from progressing.

If you have been suffering with hammer toes that are starting to hurt in your favorite shoes, or simply thing they're ugly, call our Houston podiatry office. Dr. Andrew Schneider will evaluate your hammer toe condition and make a recommendation for the absolute best treatment to get you feeling better.

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