Custom orthotic to stabilize a bunion on footAn orthotic is a custom shoe insole that works to increase the stability and efficiency of the foot and ankle. When an orthotic is made properly, it will help to remove the forces that causes the bunion on your foot to form. While it will not reverse the bunion and cause it to go away, the custom orthotic will slow or stop the bunion deformity from progressing.


Not all custom orthotics are created equal. An impression must be taken of your foot, which can be done using plaster, a box of crush foam, or by standing or walking on a digital plate. There are numerous materials that can be used to make an orthotic.


In my Houston podiatry practice, I perform a comprehensive biomechanical examinations with measurements taken both standing and walking. We use two different methods to evaluate your gait, a visual and a computerized gait analysis. We then take a mold of your foot in a stable neutral position.


If you are noticing a bump forming on the side of your great toe joint, it is likely a bunion forming. Contact Dr. Andrew Schneider to evaluate it and make recommendations to control it so it doesn't become larger or more painful.

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