toenail fungus from Houston pedicureFungus lives naturally on our feet and shoes to some degree without incident. Fungus is also an opportunist. If the toenail or skin is compromised with trauma, the fungus will be able to take the opportunity to infect it.


Pedicures present numerous opportunities to allow a toenail fungus infection to occur. Typically the cleanliness of a pedicure falls to the operator. I've seen infections occur even from the high-end Houston pedicure salons. If the pedicurist cuts corners with disinfecting their station or instruments, it puts you at risk. Additionally, if the pedicurist is too aggressive, she can also cause trauma to allow an infection to occur.


This is not to say that all pedicures are problematic. Be sure to have a good recommendation for a salon and pedicurist who can be trusted. Another way to be sure you are safe is to bring your own pedicure kit and toenail polish.


If you are concerned that you have an infection from a Houston pedicure, contact Tanglewood Foot Specialists for an immediate evaluation and solution to the problem. The quicker you seek treatment, the faster the infection can be controlled and resolved.

Dr. Andrew Schneider
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