custom orthotics for Houston morton's neuromaA custom orthotic helps to control the pressure on a Morton’s neuroma caused by the surrounding bones. The relief of pressure helps to reduce the inflammation that causes the neuroma to be painful. Reduced pressure can even make the neuroma, which is an enlargement of the nerve, to become smaller, but it doesn't go away entirely. It would be hard to say that the neuroma is "cured."


Here's the good news...a neuroma that is properly and effectively managed with a custom foot orthotic and no longer painful does not have to be removed with surgery. An orthotic is always important to use to help eliminate the need for surgery. In cases where surgery may still be necessary, the same orthotic will continue to be used to support the foot afterwards to prevent the return of symptoms.


If you are concerned about pain in the ball of your foot or numbness in your toes, contact Houston podiatrist Dr. Andrew Schneider for a comprehensive evaluation. Together we will find the quickest route to get you out of pain.

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