foot pain while running in HoustonWhile not all runners get foot pain, it is the most common injury experienced by runners. Foot type, shoe selection, training, and running surface all play a role in how susceptible a runner is to developing a foot injury.


Runners with either a flat, pronated foot or a high-arched, cavus foot need to choose their shoes appropriately. Runners should always run in running shoes, never in generic tennis shoes, sneakers, or cross-trainers. Weekend warriors always are at greater risk of injury than are those who train appropriately. Forgiving, level surfaces are best for running. Stay away from asphalt and concrete when possible.


Those who address their foot injury early find themselves back to running quicker than those who wait. Your Houston podiatrist will be able to recognize the issues and provide a solution that puts you on the road to recovery.


If you are consistently noticing pain in your foot or ankle when you run, get it treated before it becomes more problematic. Contact Houston podiatrist Dr. Andrew Schneider for a compreshensive evaluation and reccomendation to get back to running pain-free quickly.


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