houston Morton's neuroma injectionsA common treatment for a Morton’s neuroma is a cortisone injection. Cortisone is a steroid that workds as an anti-inflammatory that is injected around the nerve that is inflamed. This quickly manages your inflammation to reduce or eliminate the pain. While a cortisone injection can eliminate the painful inflammation, it does not eliminate the neuroma itself.


In cases when a cortisone injection eliminates your inflammation and pain, it is useful to use a custom orthotic to stabilize your foot, support the metatarsal arch, and help to keep the pressure away from the nerve. This combination of a cortisone injection and mechanical control are most useful in treating the neuroma long term.


If you have persistent pain in the ball of your foot or are experiencing numbness in your toes, you might have a neuroma. Contact Houston podiatrist Dr. Andrew Schneider for a comprehensive evaluation to ensure that the source of your pain is identified and managed.

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