oral lamisil medication to treat Houston toenail fungusThere are a few different medications available to treat toenail fungus. The most common is Lamisil (generic is terbinafine). Lamisil has been available for over 15 years and has been found to be approximately 85% effective in eliminating toenail fungus. The long-term followup has been fantastic as well.


When Lamisil first came to market, there was concern about the effect on the liver. Over the years, the safety profile has improved and the medication carries no "black box warnings." As a Houston foot doctor who treats toenail fungus on a daily basis, I do still take a baseline blood test to ensure your liver is functioning in the normal range, since we do know that Lamisil is metabolized  in the liver. If your liver is functioning normally, I am confident and comfortable prescribing the medication.


I understand when people don't want to take medication because of side effects, but oral Lamisil and its generics are very safe and I have effectively prescribed it for patients from their teenage years until their 90's, all with excellent results. There are alternatives for oral medication, however. To have your fungal toenails evaluated and to discuss the best treatment for you, contact Houston podiatrist Dr. Andrew Schneider.

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