There is both conservative and surgical treatment for turf toe. Conservative treatment for turf toe can start with splinting or taping the great toe to limit motion and reduce jamming and pain. Another way to achieve this is with a thin, carbon-steel insole that is placed into shoes. While this limits motion around the joint, it does not limit activity. It also can be used in conjunction with a custom orthotic to control the overall lower extremity mechanics while supporting the painful joint.

If conservative measures fail, then surgery would be an option for this joint. The most straightforward way to address this arthritic, painful great toe joint is a procedure known as a cheilectomy. This procedure is one to "clean up" the joint by removing the bone spurs around the joint and remodel it to help restore the motion. In more severe situations, the metatarsal bone needs to be surgically fractured to decompress the joint.

Do not assume that you need surgery, visit your podiatrist and foot surgeon in Houston, TX to see what is the best treatment option for you.
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