How do I know what the best running shoes for me are?


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There a so many running shoes available, the choice can be overwhelming. Running shoes in all brands fall into three categories: Motion Control, Stability, and Neutral. The right shoe is determined by your foot type. types of running shoes

The average foot, one that generally has an arch when you stand, has no pain when you run, and shows no signs of changes like bunions or hammertoes on feet, should be in a Stability running shoe. This shoe is best geared to provide stability for the normal gait cycle.

Someone with a flat, pronated foot is best suited for a Motion Control running shoe. This shoe provides additional stability and control for an unstable foot. For those who wear a custom orthotic, most will then change to a Stability shoe. This is because the orthotic causes the foot to function in a more stable and efficient way. Some, however will stay in a Motion Control shoe. We can provide guidance to what will be best after you receive your orthotic.

A high-arched foot is less mobile and more rigid than the average foot and requires more shock absorption. For this reason, a Neutral or Cushioned running shoe will be the right choice. Unlike those with a flat foot, someone with a high-arched foot who wears an orthotic will not change to another shoe. They would continue in a Neutral or Cushioned shoe.

Visit our Houston podiatry practice to learn which style of running shoe is right for you. If you are new to running, I suggest visiting a specialty running store where the trained staff can help you select the right shoe. In Houston, I recommend Fleet Feet.

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