Running surface matters to prevent Houston running injuriesEvery step you run results in two forces: the force of your foot hitting the ground and the force the ground exerts back into your foot. This results in a large amount of pressure coming into your foot. This is the reason that the surface that you run on makes a significant difference.


The harder the surface you run on, the greater the force coming back into your lower extremity. The harder surface materials are concrete and asphalt. More moderate surfaces include gravel, grass, and a rubberized track. In Houston, we consider a surface similar to the track at Memorial Park a perfect surface to run on.


Surfaces can be too soft and irregular, though. Running on a beach causes your foot and ankle to work harder as you try to stabilize yourself in the loose sand. Our Houston roads also pose a problem, since they are banked for drainage. This causes those running on the side of the road to run on a slant, causing a significant differential in the running surface.


Regardless of the surface you are running on, you should never have pain. If you find that your feet or ankles are painful when you run, contact Dr. Andrew Schneider at Tanglewood Foot Specialists. We will eliminate your pain quickly and take measures to ensure it won't return. Most importantly, you'll get back to what you love...running!

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