Don't run in cross trainersThe name "Cross trainer" athletic shoes is very deceiving. The term gives the impression that the shoes are suitable for all activity and sports. This is not the case and wearing cross trainers for the wrong exercise can result in injury.

Athletic and running shoes are all built in ways that provide maximum support and efficiency, or flexibility, depending on the needs of a particular foot type and demands of the sport. A court shoe, whether for tennis, volleyball, or basketball, are structured to account for the starting, stopping, and pivoting. Running shoes are built to account for the natural break in the midfoot and are available in varieties to account for the differences in foot type.

Cross trainers are suitable for some exercises. They are good to use in the gym for strengthening exercise and weightlifting. You also can use them for aerobics and even the very popular Zumba classes. Consult with your foot doctor in Houston to determine if you are wearing the proper shoes to avoid injuries.
Dr. Andrew Schneider
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