custom orthotics for Houston morton's neuromaWhile anti-inflammatory medication, whether oral or a cortisone injection, is often helpful to reduce the pain of a Morton's neuroma, there are other treatments that are also effective. A series of sclerosing injections are useful in shrinking the neuroma, not only addressing the inflammation. These injections utilize dehydrated alcohol to accomplish this. While many patients do respond to this treatment, there are always some that do not.


Because the inflammation of a neuroma is caused by pressure on the nerve, relieving that pressure helps the inflammation to resolve. Incorporating metatarsal support into a custom orthotic device is the best way to achieve this. The metatarsal support allows the metatarsal bones to spread apart and reduce or eliminate the pressure on the nerve. In most cases, the orthotic will be used in combination with another treatment


Not all treatment options are right for everybody. Be sure to contact your podiatrist in Houston to schedule an appointment. The doctor will be able to provide you with the appropriate recommendation.

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