Treatments to eliminate fungus toenails are generally safe and continue to grow safer. The treatment that many are concerned about taking is an oral antifungal medication. When these medications, such as Lamisil, first came out, there was concern about how it would effect the liver, since previous generations of oral antifungal medication were hard on the liver and these newer medications are also metabolized by the liver.

Tolcylen to treat Houston toenail fungus

Now that the oral medications that are commonly used today have been available for over 20 years, we know that they are safe. The medication that I use most frequently in my Houston podiatry practice, a generic form of Lamisil, has had its safety profile continually upgraded, with no "black box" warnings, few side effects, and no interactions with other medications. I do still take a simple blood test, however, to ensure that the liver is not compromised by medication, illness, or any other reason, prior to starting therapy with an oral antifungal medication. That said, it is a very safe medication which is prescribed for patients as young as their late teens to the senior population.


If oral medication is still too risky for you, or you are not a candidate to take it, consider using a topical medication alone. The most effective topical is Tolcylen, which is dispensed from our office for your convenience. It penetrates the toenail to treat the fungus but has no systemic effect.


No matter how fungal toenails are treated, it is important to start therapy to prevent the infection from spreading. Contact Dr. Andrew Schneider to learn which treatment will be best for you.

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