Houston podiatrist treats and heals diabetic foot ulcersA diabetic foot ulcer is a break or hole in the skin that must be considered a medical emergency. It forms beneath the foot or over bony prominences, such as a bunion or hammertoe on feet. The hole can deepen all the way to the bone. If the ulcer becomes infected, the infection can extend all the way to the bone. This can lead to weeks and months of treatment, hospitalization, surgery, and even amputation.

Because of the possible consequences of a diabetic foot ulcer, it is vital that your wound is treated immediately. The sooner you treat an ulcer after it forms, the more likely it will heal without further complication. Your Houston podiatrist has advanced methods available to heal your diabetic foot ulcer. The longer you wait, the more complicated an ulcer will become and the longer it will take to heal.

If you notice that you have, or at risk for, a diabetic foot ulcer, consider it an emergency and call Tanglewood Foot Specialists. When you call, say "I'm diabetic and I have a problem."  We'll make sure to get you in immediately. As a foot doctor in Houston, TX we specialize in keeping our diabetic patients walking and healthy. Contact us today to evaluate your diabetic foot ulcer and to start you on your road to recovery.

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