Houston podiatrist and diabetic foot specialistWe often hear that every person with diabetes needs to have a relationship with a podiatrist. Many know someone with diabetes who has had part of a foot, or even an entire leg, amputated. As a foot doctor in Houston who focuses on diabetic foot problems, I have made it a personal mission to help keep diabetics walking on both of their feet.

Diabetes causes three conditions that affect the feet: poor circulation, poor sensation, and a poor ability to heal. Together, these three conditions can spell disaster if unrecognized and untreated. Poor circulation, known as peripheral artery disease (PAD) prevents sufficient blood flow to the feet. Peripheral neuropathy, a numbing of the nerves in the feet, reduce the protective sensation and reduces the likelihood that someone with diabetes will feel pain with an injury. The reduces capacity to heal can make a trivial injury more problematic and infected, creating a diabetic foot ulcer, and ultimately putting the limb at risk.

Every person with diabetes should form a relationship with a podiatrist. As a podiatrist in Houston, TX we specialize in keeping our diabetic patients walking and healthy. Contact Tanglewood Foot Specialists for schedule a comprehensive diabetic foot examination with Dr. Andrew Schneider.

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