A bump on top of your foot can be caused by a few conditions. While many people think that it is caused by a neuroma, that is usually not the case. If the bump is soft, it caLump on top of footn be due to a bursitis or ganglion cyst, both of which are soft tissue conditions caused by pressure or trauma. If the bump on your foot is hard, it is often due to a bone spur.

Bone spurs can appear on top of your foot in a number of places and is caused by arthritic changes in and around the joint. Arthritis is not unusual in the feet because of the pressure placed on them with each and every step. Sometimes your foot mechanics causes you to have excess pressure around some joints. Other times, it's trauma that causes the bone spur formation. 

Bone spurs can be treated in a variety of ways. Sometimes the pain is not due to the spur itself, but rather the inflammation of the soft tissue surrounding it. In these cases, anti-inflammatory medication or cortisone injections can manage the inflammation and eliminate the pain. When the motion of the joint is causing the spur to be painful, the use of a custom orthotic can be helpful in redirecting the excess stress on the joint. Of course there are times where the spur may need to be removed. In those cases, foot surgery may be recommended to remove the spur.

Visiting your foot doctor in Houston will provide you answers as to why your bone spur has formed and what can be done for it. Contact Dr. Andrew Schneider for an immediate appointment to learn all of your options.

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