Houston podiatrist treats bunions on your feetBunions are the result of unstable mechanics. In general you inherit these mechanics, which is why you may describe your feet as similar to a parent or grandparent. You don't really inherit the bunions themselves, just the predisposition for the bunion to form.


A bunion is not a growth of bone on the side the foot. It is when the first metatarsal bone rotates out, causing the bone to bulge. This forces the joint to be misaligned and pushes the great toe towards the second toe. Every step you take continues this cycle and causes the bunion to grow larger.


If a bunion is caught early in its development, the mechanics that cause it to form can be neutralized. A custom orthotic is best used for this purpose. When properly made, a custom orthotic can neutralize the forces that cause the bunion deformity. This can stop the development of the bunion and possibly prevent the need for further correction, such as bunion surgery, in the future.


If you are starting to see a bump on the side of your foot, do NOT wait until it becomes painful. Contact Houston podiatrist Dr. Andrew Schneider for a comprehensive foot evaluation and learn what can be done to stop your bunion from becoming a bigger problem.


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