Houston custom orthotics help runners gain speed and efficiencyEvery so often I catch an article in a prominent running magazine that discounts the usefulness and efficacy of custom orthotics. Since I see how custom orthotics help runners increase their speed and endurance first-hand, I'll admit that I get a bit annoyed. On the other hand, I can understand their position.

A custom orthotic is an insole made from a model of your foot. It is called a custom orthotic whether it is made by a Houston podiatrist, chiropractor, physical therapist, or orthotist. The resulting device, however, varies depending on how it is made...and there are many different philosophies when it comes to custom orthotics. Because some work better than others, those on the outside looking in can notice inconsistent results.

Where my Houston podiatry practice I perform a comprehensive biomechanical examination when I evaluate you for custom orthotics. I check range of motion from your hip to your feet, watch you walk and perform a gait analysis, and ultimately take a mold of your foot in plaster. I believe that this is the most accurate way to capture the foot in the most stable position.

The results speak for themselves...not to mention that I guarantee that the orthotics will feel great and work perfectly. If you have not had success with custom orthotics in the past, contact Dr. Andrew Schneider in Houston to see how much difference a properly made device will make.

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