Custom orthotics for Houston heel painHeel pain, commonly due to plantar fasciitis, is caused by two factors. First is the inflammation of the plantar fascia as it attaches to the heel bone. This is best handles by anti-inflammatory medication, whether oral, injected, or topical. The other contributing factor is mechanics, meaning the way the foot functions.


Once we successfully eliminate your pain with effective treatment of the inflammation, many people feel that their treatment has ended successfully. However, without the necessary treatment and control of the mechanical causes of heel pain, the inflammation often returns over time. Whether a matter of weeks or months, a recurrence of heel pain is not only frustrating, but increasingly difficult to treat. It is why your Houston podiatrist will likely recommend a custom orthotic to maintain the mechanical balance once the pain and inflammation has resolved.


If you are frustrated with heel pain that continually returns, contact Dr. Andrew Schneider at Tanglewood Foot Specialists for a comprehensive evaluation. It is time to get you out of pain once and for all.

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