If foot surgery does not solve the problem at hand, I will not recommend it. Whether it solves the issue completely is complex issue and depends on the problem that is being surgically corrected.

Some surgeries, for instance for a Morton's neuroma, involves complete surgical correction. A neuroma is a painful enlargement of a nerve that causes ball of foot pain. Surgical correction in an outpatient Houston surgery center involves removal of the enlarged segment of nerve. Because the neuroma is fully removed, the correction of the problem is essentially complete.

Other surgeries, such as for a bunion or hammertoe, are slightly different. The bunion or hammertoe forms as a result of a mechanical instability. Surgery to correct these issues are addressing the result of the instability, but not the instability itself. Even though the surgery will realign the bones and fully correct the deformity of the foot, the correction will not be complete and will be at risk for the bunion or hammertoe to return. Complete correction will involve the use of a custom orthotic after surgery to balance the faulty mechanics that originated the problem.
Dr. Andrew Schneider
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A podiatrist and foot surgeon in Houston, TX.