High heels causing Houston Morton's NeuromaHigh heels can contribute to the pain caused by a Morton's neuroma. Narrow shoes will compress the metatarsal bones and increase the pressure on the nerve. This explains why a neuroma may hurt worse in a closed shoe than it does in a more open sandal. High heels also shift more pressure onto the ball of the foot, which increases the neuroma pain. Some women report that the higher the heel, the more pain they are in and many find that they are limited to flats.


After neuroma surgery, the enlarged and inflamed portion of the nerve is removed. With the neuroma goes the pain associated with it. Most women find it much more comfortable to wear a high heel after neuroma surgery. In fact, some women are back in heels after 3 or 4 weeks after surgery!


If you find yourself unable to tolerate wearing high heels, it is time to stop the suffering. Contact Tanglewood Foot Specialists and schedule an appointment with Houston Podiatrist Dr. Andrew Schneider. He will discuss the treatment options with you and determine what will get you out of pain and back into your cute shoes as quickly as possible.

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