Surgical shoe after Houston neuroma surgeryA postoperative shoe is typically worn after your neuroma surgery. After surgery for a Morton's neuroma, a surgical dressing is applied to your foot. The bulk of this dressing makes the surgical shoe necessary. The shoe is open and will accommodate the dressing comfortably and easily. It also helps to keep the pressure off of the incision site and provides room for any swelling that may occur.


The surgical shoe also has a stiff sole. This restricts the motion of your foot when walking and allows for the soft tissue and skin to heal properly and quickly. In most cases, you could expect to stay in a postoperative shoe for approximately three weeks after surgery.


A surgical shoe is only a temporary necessity. You'll find that healing from your neuroma surgery will be faster if you wear the shoe diligently. You should NOT make your surgery decision based on the shoe. Look past the appearance of the shoe and keep your eye on the prize...wearing your favorite shoes without pain. To learn more about treating your neuroma with both conservative and surgical treatment, contact Houston podiatrist Dr. Andrew Schneider.

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