Prevention of diabetic foot ulcers is indeed the best treatment. Therapeutic shoes are a major step in that prevention.  Diabetic shoes have extra-depth to accommodate any stuctural deformities, such as bunions and hammertoe, which cause areas of increased pressure.  They are properly fitted by our highlAetrex Diabetic Shoes in Houstony trained team and hold a full-contact soft-molded insole to manage pressure buildup under the foot. All of these features aid in preventing diabetic foot ulcers from forming.

At Tanglewood Foot Specialists, Houston podiatrist Dr. Andrew Schneider has sought out the finest diabetic shoes available. In the past, these shoes were boxy, heavy, and unattractive. This is a thing of the past! Featuring high-quality brands sucDr. Comfort Diabetic shoes in Houstonh as Aetrex, Dr. Comfort, Orthofeet, and others that are as fashionable and stylish as a therapeutic shoe gets.

These shoes are covered by Medicare part B and many private insurance carriers for those who qualify. Protect your feet by scheduling an appointment to receive a comprehensive diabetic foot evaluation.
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