It is common for women in Houston to wear toenail polish. Likewise, it is also common to experience damage from toenail polish. Very often, when polish is removed, you may notice a white streaking of the nail. Many people mistake this streaking for toenail fungus, which it is usually not.

Dr. Andrew Schneider offers three suggestions to prevent damage from nail polish:

  1. Use the wintertime to take a break from wearing toenail polish. This will allow your toenails to recover when it is not "sandal season."
  2. Use a "healthy" nail polish, such as Dr.'s Remedy, which does not have the damaging chemicals that most polishes have
  3. Use a "healthy" nail polish remover, which does not contain acetone.

If you are concerned that you have damage to your toenails from nail polish, or are concerned that you may have a fungus infection of your toenails, contact our office for an immediate appointment.

Dr. Andrew Schneider
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