Foot Craft Friday: Farm Yard Friends

Footprint horse kids' craft project Anyone living with young children probably knows these two things to be fact: your kids feet will grow at an astounding rate and the noise level (and mess!) in your house can sometimes make you feel like you’re living in a barn.

Well, those ideas got me thinking and, for our first Footcraft Friday of the New Year, I’m sharing some footprint farm animal projects for you to enjoy with your little one. Happy crafting!

Footprint Pig

  • Paint your child’s foot pink and place the foot down on a piece of paper. Using a paintbrush and more pink paint, add details like ears and a curly tail. The heel of your child’s foot will be the pig’s head, the toes will be their feet.
  • Let paint dry.
  • After paint has completely dried, draw on eyes, a mouth and a snout with a black marker. Add your child’s name and the date to help capture the memory of their tiny footprint.

Footprint Horse

  • Paint your child’s foot brown, and make a print on paper at a slight angle, toes pointing up, heels down (the heel will be the horse’s nose/snout, the toes will be woven into the mane.) Let paint dry.
  • Once, dry, paint on ears and hair and, if you like, a lighter patch on the horse’s snout. Let paint dry again.
  • Using a marker, draw on additional details like a harness, mouth and nostrils. Add your child’s name and the date to the picture.


Your little one’s feet are meant to be treasured, so keep them feeling fine and working as they should. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Andrew Schneider if you have any concerns about your child’s foot development.

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