Foot Craft Friday: Start the New Year off on the Right Foot

For the very last Footcraft Friday of 2014, I thought I’d share an adorable craft project idea, found on Crayons & Cuties in Kindergarten, that I thought could become a part of your annual New Year celebrations, preserving the memory of your child’s growing hands and feet as the time goes by (all too quickly.)

Enjoy the project, and here’s to a year of health, happiness and comfy feet for you and your entire family! And to help us make that wish come true, be sure to schedule an appointment with Dr. Andrew Schneider at the first sign of discomfort for you or your little ones’ feet.

Starting Off the New Year with A “High Five” and on the “Right Foot”   An example of the 2014 version of this New Year's kids craft


Poster board
Labels and/or black marker


  • Paint your child’s hands and have them make side-by-side prints on the poster board (the left hand will be the 2, the right will be the 0.) Next, paint your child’s feet and have them leave their prints to the right of the hand prints (the left foot will be the 1, the right foot the 5.)
  • Let paint dry. While the paint dries, ask your children questions such as their favorite book or toy, or for younger children, height and weight. Record their answers on labels that can be stuck to the poster board, or directly on the poster board in black marker.
  • Once answers have been placed and paint is dry, draw the digits of 2015 onto the hands and feet as noted above, or draw 2015 on another paper or label, cut out and paste onto hand and foot prints.
  • Frame and repeat again for years to come!
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