5 Books for Kids With Summer Fractures

A good book (or 5) can help kids pass the summer months with a broken bone!There’s nothing worse than when your child breaks his or her foot, toe or ankle…unless it happens in the summer…bye-bye pool, hello grumpy indoor days!

If your kid has a broken bone and is looking for a distraction (or needs a bit of help understanding what’s going on with his or her health) try one of these great books written for kids in the exact same situation! If you have any other suggestions, please be sure to share them in the comments section!

Sammy’s Broken Leg (Oh, No!) and the Amazing Cast That Fixed It 
By Judith Wolf Mandell
This author was inspired to write this book when her preschool-aged granddaughter broke her femur, landing her in a spica cast for a month. The book is designed with the simple goal of cheering up grumpy, casted kids.

The Boo Boo Book
By Joy Masoff

This informative book for preschoolers will help kids better understand every kind of injury, from a broken bone to a scraped knee, all while providing hours of interactive, sensory-stimulating activities. Bonus for casted kids: the book lets them sign a cast, then lift a flap to see what a broken bone really looks like!

Your Body Battles a Broken Bone
By Vicki Cobb

For older children, (3-6 graders) this book uses science to transform the body’s healing process into an epic, graphically pleasing saga full of medically accurate information (and awesome comic-book like illustrations!)

The Toy Hospital
By Elaine Mills
When Squirrel falls out of his tree house and breaks his leg, a visit to the hospital—and a recovery from a broken leg—playful fodder for the adept illustrator’s talents.

A Broken Leg for Bonk
By Maribeth Boelts

Not only will this book help emerging readers work on their fluency, it’s also got great ideas for keeping busy while your foot or leg are immobilized. Bonus—the link I gave you lets you download this reader for free!

If you're concerned that your son or daughter did something to break her foot, don't hesitate to contact Houston podiatrist Dr. Andrew Schneider. We have digital x-ray which will allow us to look at your child's foot with minimal radiation exposure. Let's make sure everything is okay before walking on it makes it worse.

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