Michelle Obama rocks a mean flat and she wants you to do the same!Michelle Obama, our nation’s former first lady, is often hailed as being very down to earth—do we remember that J. Crew dress she wore on The Tonight Show back in ’08? Well now, a new story has emerged that show’s just how normal Mrs. Obama really is.

According to Footwear News, Obama has made a MAJOR policy change at White House events: high heels are optional! Spanx founder Sara Blakely recently recalled how she’d been standing in line at the White House, waiting to take a picture with Michelle Obama, when her feet finally gave in to the pain of squeezing into sky-high Christian Louboutin stilettos.  

Apparently, when Blakely reached the front of the picture line, things got real: “My feet are killing me,” became her opening line to meet the first lady. Thankfully, Mrs. Obama responded, “Girl, my feet are killing me too.”

Blakely then proceeded to ask if she could remove the offending heels, and the former first lady responded, ‘Yes, and you can tell anyone who tells you to put them back on that Mrs. Obama said you can take them off.’ ” Blakely spent the rest of the night barefoot and foot-pain free!

Now, this is one White House initiative I think everyone  can get behind! Let’s put some bi-partisan effort into helping women stand up to foot pain and ditch their high-heels! If the First Lady can do it, can’t we all?
Dr. Andrew Schneider
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