Whether you wanted to or not, chances are that you’ve heard a little something about Beyonce’s sister Solange attacking her hubby Jay-Z in an elevator as the trio headed out of a Met gala party (and if you haven’t, you can see the video here.)

In the wild aftermath of that hotel security video being leaked, Solange deleted all the pictures of her sister from her Instagram account; wanting to diffuse the tense situation Queen Bey decided to post a whole slew of happy, smiling pics of her and her sis.

This is not the first time the mother of Blue Ivy has turned to social media to downplay a controversy in her life. Early last month, Beyonce posted a picture of herself on Instagram, playing golf while on vacation. Fans thought she had photoshopped her legs to look slimmer and create a larger ‘thigh gap."

In response to that insta-controversy, Bey posted a picture of herself the next day, showing just her legs, to illustrate what they looked like in their natural, un-photo-shopped state (spoiler alert: they still had a gap.)

All this is well and good, and hurray for Beyonce and her take-charge attitude, but here’s the thing: no matter how any pictures she posts on Instagram, she can’t hide the fact that she was playing golf barefoot in the earlier controversial image.

That was the first thing this Houston podiatrist’s wife pointed when she saw the picture, and we both thought: BAD PLAN! Playing golf barefoot leaves you with no ankle support as you walk the greens, not to mention leaving you vulnerable to cuts, infections and plantar warts.

Beyonce, if you’re keeping track of your mini-controversies, as you certainly seem to be, please hear this: people everywhere take note of everything you do, no matter how trivial it may seem. Be a good role model and keep your shoes on your feet for extended sports play and other non-poolside activities! 

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