Can you believe Memorial Day is over and it's almost the July 4th weekend? ME NEITHER! Are you already feeling like the summer is endless? And you need an activity to get through the long day? 

Well, we've got you covered with a footprint flag craft. But we also want to talk about foot pain from other summer activities. For you, and your kiddos, too!

Troubleshooting Summer Foot Pain  sandals at the beach prevent burns and glass in foot

As promised, I want to start by talking about your foot pain. As we celebrate our nation’s Independence Day and other summer fun, we head out to barbeque and swim. We play outdoors and in the sand and we spend hours standing on our feet. (From touring on vacay, to waiting for and watching fireworks displays, it's going to happen). 

Already suffer from foot pain? Traditional seasonal activities like volleyball and baseball may be awfully uncomfortable. So, if foot leaves you standing on the sidelines, get yourself an early Independence Day gift. Take this opportunity to free yourself from debilitating discomfort.

Beaches Can Hurt

Want to know two more ways the summer's best activities can take you down? Think hot sand. And hidden objects in that sand. 

Yes, hitting the beach is a favorite way to beat the crazy Houston heat. And with the Galveston shore so close for many of us, this is a common day trip for so many patients. But it's also got a sea of possible injuries. Hear me out. 

First, like I said, Houston summers are hottt. And while the humidity feels awful on our skin, it can be downright dangerous for your feet. Why? Well, studies show that on a 90 degree day, the sand temperature can easily reach 120 degrees! That's hot enough for a serious burn. 

So, how can you stay safe? Keep your feet covered. This is one of the few places where I'm good with you wearing flip-flops. Better yet, try water shoes that can also cover your feet in the ocean. (That can save you from rough rocks on the sea floor.) Just choose something protective. For you and the kids. Because hot sand isn't the only danger at the beach. 

Stepping on Glass in Sand

Remember when Jill Biden hurt her foot at the beach? This injury is more common than you think. From sharp shells to broken bottles, that gorgeous sand can hide a lot of dangers. 

Again, the best way to stay safe is to wear sandals when walking the sand. And to choose shoes with soles thick enough to protect your feet from sharp objects. 

But if you do step on glass, come see me right away. Even if you think you've removed all the shards from your foot. Because it's really hard to see the bottom of your foot. So you could easily miss a tiny piece that will cause pain and problems walking. Plus, beach glass may carry germs. Which means I'll need to clean your wound and watch you for infection if we want to keep you safe for the rest of the summer. 

Fight Foot Pain, Not the British

We just talked about protecting your feet at the beach. But at Tanglewood Foot Specialists, we see patients experiencing a wide array of foot ailments and injuries. From sports injuries to foot fractures, diabetic complications and ingrown toenails, our summer is packed. 

And don't forget plantar’s warts, bunions, shin splints and more. All of these come up over the summer, with people looking at their feet more. And ramping up their activity levels. 

Now, we see many of the same injuries. But we always treat you, our patient, as an individual. So we select a course of care that will work with your lifestyle and restore you to your desired level of activity. 

We know that someone who's training for a marathon has different needs than a patient at a desk job. Plus, we know that many people now look for more natural healing options. For that reason, we offer an array of treatments for foot and heel pain. These range from custom orthotics to regenerative medicine. (Including Shockwave therapy and PRP.) And we can offer surgical intervention, if necessary. But that's always our last resort. 

If foot, toe or ankle pain keeps you from enjoying time with friends, family or even from participating in your favorite hobby, it's time for a change. Make a promise to yourself this summer to break free of injuries and start living life comfortably. And you can do that right before you start our easy kids craft. Just schedule an appointment with Dr. Andrew Schneider today. I can diagnose the cause of your foot pain and begin treating your specific foot injury.

Now that we've covered that little subject, let's get to the good stuff. I invite you to check out this sweet project from Sassy Dealz, that you may see on the walls of our office in the next few weeks. It's a great variation on the hand-and-footprint flag crafts I’ve shared in the past. 

Why do I love it so much? Well, it turns your child’s entire foot into the flag. Plus it adds in a flagpole for a cute twist! In fact, it's just so sweet that I couldn't wait until the actual July 4th weekend to share this one. Let cute feet reign and please share your finished projects with us, either here in the comments. Or on our Pinterest or Facebook pages, where we share tons of extra content for you! Happy summer! 



Footprint American Flag CraftCelebrate freedom and your kids' feet this July 4th!


  • A foot
  • Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Silver glitter
  • A piece of paper


  1. Start by painting your child’s foot red leaving the first three toes (big toe and two adjacent) blank for the blue paint. Add on the blue paint and stamp the print on your paper. Let dry.
  2. Grab a paintbrush and add in a flagpole, then add white stripes and white dots to the footprint.
  3. Finish with a sprinkle of silver glitter over the flagpole. Fun and festive!
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