Claire Danes is pregnant with her second child, and the Homeland star has been spotted out and about in Manhattan recently, showing tell-tale signs of a common pregnancy woe: extremely swollen ankles. Poor Claire Dane's has experienced pregnancy-related foot and ankle swelling

Why do Claire and other women experience swollen feet during pregnancy? There are several different factors that contribute to this symptom: During pregnancy, your body naturally retains more fluid. Your growing uterus also pushes on your veins, impeding returning blood flow. Changes in hormones also can contribute to the problem.

If you experience pregnancy-related foot and ankle swelling, try taking the following steps:

  1. Stay off your feet/elevate your feet whenever you can. Lifting feet above heart level will help fluid drain and prevent swelling; conversely, standing for long periods of time, particularly in ill-fitting shoes, can make matters much, much worse.
  2. Wear compression stockings—I can help you track down a pair if you’d like.
  3. Stay active, especially with low impact activities like swimming.
  4. Sleep on your left side, with legs slightly elevated, to take pressure off your veins.

While you might think of swelling as a minor inconvenience, it can become a medical emergency if left untreated during pregnancy. If you have concerns about your pregnancy foot health, schedule an appointment with Dr. Andrew Schneider today.

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