Houston podiatrist discusses Real housewives worried about bunion surgeryOn a recent episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, Claudia Jordan went to the doctor to see what could be done about her bunions (apparently, they disgusted Kenya Moore, who accompanied Claudia.) The doctor told her they could be corrected, but she’d need to have surgery. The Housewife opted to skip the surgery, prompting online haters to speculate that she was too broke to go under the knife and take time off work during her recovery (did I mention that Claudia was recently voted ‘Most Hate Housewife?’)

Claudia had this to say about the allegations: “People have asked me if it was a financial restriction that has prevented me from going ahead with the surgery, and that is not the case at all…I cannot lie, I am afraid of the pain and I’m also scared of the surgery, because you have to remove a part of your joint in your toe! That is terrifying to say the least. I am getting pretty close to convincing myself that it’s for the best and will keep you all updated if and when I decide to go under the knife.”

Normally, I don’t find a lot of ground between myself and reality TV stars but, for once, this Houston podiatrist completely understands where that Atlanta Housewife is coming from. Bunion surgery is a big deal; the recovery period is tough and painful. For that reason, I strongly urge patients to come and see me when they first notice signs of a bunion’s formation. At that stage, we can treat the problem with non-invasive measures and, most likely, stop the progression to the point where surgery is necessary.

If you’ve noticed a bunion or other problem developing on your feet, don’t hesitate—make an appointment with Dr. Andrew Schneider immediately.


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