Houston podiatrist treats bunions with surgical optionsWhen you think of bunions, which are unnatural, bony humps that form at the base of the big toe where it attaches to the foot, you often think of grandmothers, forced to wear sensible, unattractive shoes in order not to aggravate the deformity.  

But grandmas aren’t the only ones affected by bunions. According to an analysis of data published in the Journal of Foot and Ankle Research, an estimated 23% of adult Americans suffer from bunions. More than 2/3 of adults over 65 will develop a bunion, and more than 50% of women get bunions. While once this was considered an older woman’s problem, the growing popularity of high heels and pointy-toed shoes has led to an increased number of younger women suffering from bunions.

Bunion growth is genetically determined, but unusual motion or undue pressure, particularly the kind inflicted by ill-fitting shoes, can trigger a bunion to form where it might otherwise have been avoided. In other words, your shoes can’t cause you to develop a bunion, but they can awaken your genetic predisposition, causing one to form.

Once a bunion has developed, Houston podiatrist Dr. Andrew Schneider will usually start treatment with a non-surgical option, like custom orthotic insoles. While this approach can prevent a bunion from getting worse, it won’t correct the problem. Once a bunion has formed, surgery is the only way to remove it.

There are many different surgical approaches used to correct bunions; the right treatment for you will depend on the nature and severity of your problem. Recovery time from bunion surgery is usually between six and 12 weeks, often including time on crutches and in surgical shoes or boots. While older patients may choose to live with palliative treatments, saying goodbye to stylish shoes forever, younger patients often choose to surgically remove bunions in order to keep wearing more fashionable footwear.

Young or old, if you have developed an uncomfortable bunion, at Tanglewood Foot Specialists, we can help you feel better. Make an appointment today to restore your feet to their previous pain-free state. 

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