Scary Story Highlights Need for Podiatrists

If your x-ray looks like this, head to a podiatrist ASAPA man in Saudi Arabia is suing a hospital after they failed to notice that a piece of his shoe was stuck in his foot for OVER A YEAR, causing him excruciating foot pain.

According to the news story reported in Emirates 24/7 news, Saleh Al Salmi first started experiencing problems when he stepped on a nail while walking through town. Although the initial injury was treated, the man continued to experience foot pain for over a year.

Although he kept returning to the hospital where he was originally treated, the doctors simply diagnosed his problem as diabetic foot pain, and said they could not help him further (which, on it’s own is ridiculous, since there are many remedies available for diabetic foot pain. But read on. It gets worse.)

Finally coming to the realization that he would get no relief at the hospital, Al Salmi switched care providers and, after the new caregiver opened up the man’s foot, they discovered a piece of his shoe had actually been lodged inside his skin and had been stuck there since the nail pushed it in there over a year before.

While this story is clearly a worst-case scenario, all-too-often, non-specialized caregivers have difficulties diagnosing problems of the foot and ankle, dismissing foot pain as “not a big deal” and brushing off their patients.

For this reason, I advise any individual who experiences any kind of foot  or ankle injury, to head directly to your local podiatrist instead of the Emergency Room. In my Tanglewood Foot Specialists office, I can provide emergency care, X-Rays, casting and can even conduct a surgical consultation.

If you have a foot problem, see a foot specialist—you’ll get more specialized care and avoid long hospital wait times. Schedule your appointment with Dr. Andrew Schneider today!

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