Totally Uncovered Christie Brinkley Pictures—Read On!

Christie Brinkley shows her naked, broken footOk, so for all those sickos who clicked this link hoping that Christie Brinkley was the latest celebrity to be sucked into the nude celebrity photo scandal—sorry to disappoint you! I’m a Houston podiatrist, not a purveyor of ill-gotten images—so get your mind out of the gutter and keep reading, please.

The pictures I have to share with you are of Christie’s bare FOOT, and she posted them herself to Instagram in order to let the world know that she had, sadly, broken that foot. At first, the 60-year-old (yes, really, can you believe it?!?) model merely shared the pics of herself in a hospital bed with an ice pack on her injury, but later on, she elaborated on her situation, writing, "I came to La to do a little part, everyone kept saying, 'break a leg'... So I did! (actually my foot, but close enough)." No word yet on how that fracture happened.

While Christie certainly took her injury with good humor, a broken foot is no laughing matter and neither is a trip to a hospital emergency room, where you can expect looong waits as people with ‘more serious’ injuries are taken in ahead of you.

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