Ingrown toenails can be a real pain, literally and figuratively. They occur when the side or the corner of a toenail grows into the surrounding soft flesh, causing pain, redness and swelling. Traditional treatments often involve cutting the nail, soaking the foot, or even surgery in more severe cases. But what if there was a pain-free alternative to treating ingrown toenails? Well, today there is…and we offer this treatment in our Houston podiatry practice!

Meet Onyfix, a revolutionary nail correction system, that offers a comfortable and effective solution to this common problem. Today, we’ll explain how this system works. Then, we’ll review the science behind its creation, and explain what you can expect if you choose to treat ingrown toenails with Onyfix, and without the pain! Finally, we’ll explain the aftercare you’ll need to engage with in order to get the most out of your experience. Let’s dive in!

What is Onyfix? A before and after of a patient given Onyfix to treat ingrown toenails

How does Onyfix work its magic to treat ingrown toenails without any pain? The secret lies in the unique resin material and application technique that this innovative system brings to the table. Onyfix is a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment for ingrown toenails. That means that it does not involve any cutting or removal of the nail, making it a pain-free option for patients. 

The resin material used in this system is designed to be gentle on the nail, yet strong enough to correctly realign the nail’s growth direction over time.

Treating Ingrown Toenails with Onyfix: What to Expect

The process begins with applying the specially formulated resin onto the surface of the affected toenail. Once applied, the resin hardens and forms a customized brace that is bonded to your nail. This brace helps in redistributing the pressure exerted on the nail, allowing it to grow out naturally in the correct direction, without causing any pain or discomfort. 

Furthermore, the Onyfix correction works gradually. That means your nail correction takes place slowly, over the course of several months. This allows you to continue engaging in your daily activities without any hindrance. In contrast, when you choose traditional ingrown toenail treatments, the process can be painful. Plus, after removing the ingrown portion of your nail, you may need to wear a surgical boot and reduce your activity levels while the affected area heals. 

That is not the case when you choose this pain-free, gradual treatment option. In essence, the science behind Onyfix lies in its ability to provide a pain-free, non-invasive solution to ingrown toenails. And its one that effectively addresses the root cause of the problem, so you shouldn’t worry about recurring ingrowth!

What causes ingrown toenail formation? 

In some cases, the way you trim your toenails can contribute to ingrowth. That’s why we tell our patients to be cautious when getting professional pedicures. It’s important to cut the nails in a straight line. And to always leave enough nail in place that some white is visible. 

On other occasions, an injury may result in ingrowth. You could stub your toe. Or wear shoes or cleats that don’t fit properly. In either case, the force and pressure exerted on your nail end can impact the direction of growth, leaving you with an ingrown nail. 

More often, however, the true cause of an ingrown nail is that your physical nail is too large for the nail bed. And it is this cause, along with the others, that the Onyfix system addressed most effectively. 

Treat Ingrown Toenails so They Don’t Come Back

Onyfix is so revolutionary because it offers a non-invasive and gentle solution for those pesky ingrown toenails without causing any discomfort. This innovative treatment is designed to correct the curvature of the nail, allowing it to grow naturally and painlessly. 

Even better? Onyfix is suitable for all ages, and can be applied to any size or shape of toenail, making it a versatile and effective option if you or a loved one suffers from ingrown toenails. Furthermore, the treatment process is quick and easy. It usually takes between 10 and 15 minutes. And it requires no downtime or recovery period. 
And guess what? In addition to providing relief from pain and inflammation, the Onyfix treatment also promotes healthy nail growth. And it helps prevent the recurrence of ingrown toenails, so you won’t have to keep coming back to the office, looking for relief. 

By addressing the root cause of the problem, Onyfix promotes long term improvement in nail health and overall foot comfort. Moreover, since Onyfix is a non-surgical option, it eliminates the risks and potential complications associated with surgical procedures, such as infection or prolonged recovery time. And, since many other ingrown toenail treatments involve some form of surgery, this is a welcome alternative for many patients!

In fact, with its numerous benefits and patient-friendly approach, this ingrown toenail treatment option is truly a game changer in the management of this painful and persistent nail problem.

After Care for Onyfix

Once you’ve chosen to treat an ingrown toenail with this resin-based application, aftercare for your newly aligned toenail is truly a breeze. In fact, aftercare and maintenance is minimal, as the system is designed to work with your natural nail growth over time. 

Still, it’s important to keep the treated area clean and dry to prevent any potential infections. You can continue with your regular activities, including showering and wearing shoes, without any restrictions.

However, in addition to keeping the treated area clean and dry, you should also monitor the progress of your toenail as it grows out. Regular follow-up appointments in our podiatry practice in Houston will be crucial. That’s how we’ll ensure that the Onyfix system is working effectively and that your ingrown toenail is healing properly. 
During these appointments, we may need to adjust or replace the resin to maintain proper alignment as your nail grows. Yet, by adhering to these simple aftercare and maintenance guildelines, you can enjoy pain-free relief from ingrown toenails! Ready to say goodbye to painful ingrown toenails and hello to your pain-free treatment solution? Call us at  713-785-7881 or click here to schedule your appointment today! 


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