What’s Up with Derek Hough’s Feet?

Does this spell the end of Derek Hough's dancing career? Only time will tell! Dancing With the Stars fans everywhere should be resting a little less easily after Derek Hough posted and then removed a cryptic Instagram picture.

Here’s what we know so far (unfortunately, it’s not that much): Early Tuesday morning, Hough posted the picture seen on the right, where his left foot appears to be sprained or broken and his right foot is in a boot. And he was in a hospital bed, which could mean that the situation was still ongoing.

Making things seem even more dire was the caption Hough included with the image: “just getting home from the hospital. Not the best of news. I’m in utter disbelief.”

According to sources at E!, the star suffered an injury while rehearsing for the show's 10th Anniversary special; he reportedly smashed one foot on a piece of equipment and when he went to grab ice, he fell down the stairs, rolling the ankle of his other foot. Sources say that he may have broken his toe and severely sprained his ankle.

At least he wasn’t alone: Mark Ballas and Ballas’ girlfriend, Britney Jean Carlson, were pictured by his side in the now-deleted hospital image.

Does this mean the end of Hough’s swift-footed dancing career? Or merely a hiatus? Check back with your favorite Houston podiatrist for further updates. Rest assured I will post more when (and if) I know more!
Dr. Andrew Schneider
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