At 58, supermodel Iman lives a pretty great life—she’s gorgeous, she’s married to late rocker David Bowie and her name still makes headlines. But in a recent Page Six report, sources revealed that Iman is spending her Christms holiday recovering from a ‘mystery’ procedure. Want to know what that surgery was? Your Houston podiatrist has the answer (at least according to published reports…)Iman's finally had surgery to repair her broken foot

About a year ago, Iman admitted that she’d broken her foot and could no longer wear the high heels that are pretty much a model’s uniform. Now it appears that the mystery procedure she had this holiday season was…foot surgery.

Now, I could not begin to tell you why Iman would want to keep her foot surgery under wraps—there’s no shame in putting an end to foot pain. Foot surgery to repair fractures that haven’t healed well is often the only way to get rid of the discomfort associated with an improperly treated injury or a displaced bone.

I guess the only reason I could think of for keeping foot surgery a secret (besides privacy concerns, of course) is embarrassment—if Iman hurt her foot over a year ago, and delayed treatment so she could keep her high heels on, maybe she’s embarrassed that her stalling left her in need of surgery.

At Tanglewood Foot Specialists, I make sure that my patients are treated appropriately and promptly when a foot or ankle fracture is the suspected injury. If surgery is necessary, I will operated as soon as possible so that recovery can begin. If, however, there are any other treatment options, I will do everything possible to avoid putting my patients under the knife. If you have foot pain and think you may have broken a bone, schedule an appointment with Dr. Andrew Schneider immediately to avoid any complications down the road.

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