What to Eat Wednesday: Safe Choices in Canned Goods

You can still make diabetic friendly choices if you're stuck eating canned goods right nowAt this very moment, so many of my fellow Houstonians are either sheltering in their homes without power or have been forced to evacuate their homes to neighbors’ properties or even to shelters.

My family is so fortunate to have had our home spared so far, but our extended Tanglewood Foot Specialists family has not been as lucky. We ask that you all keep those affected by the storm in your thoughts at this time.

It’s unclear when conditions will improve here so, if you are relegated to eating canned goods at the moment, I wanted to share with you some better-for you options, especially if you are also struggling to manage your diabetes. Stay safe and strong, Houston!

Soups are often now available in low-sodium versions of everything from clam chowder to beef stew. This is great, especially for people with diabetes, who have a greater risk of cardiovascular disease and kidney disease. This also goes for the stocks and broths. Soups are a great source of nutrients but can also carry lots of carbohydrates, so be sure to monitor blood sugar carefully.

Canned vegetables
Again, low sodium is better. If possible, sticks to peas and carrots and stay away from offerings like potatoes, corn, and squash when possible.

Fruit cups
The less processed the canned fruit, the better; the best choice in this department (if available) would be low-sugar applesauce. If such an option isn’t available, try for items packed in water or light versions that are at least packed in less juice.

Dr. Andrew Schneider
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Dr. Andrew Schneider is a podiatrist and foot surgeon at Tanglewood Foot Specialists in Houston, TX.
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