I'm always left in shock after watching awards shows. Just recently, when Cardi B hosted the American Music Awards, she rocked some pretty crazy outfits.

Of course, I could go on for hours about the fashion, but I do have a foot-fueled point to this post. Because, underneath those jaw dropping gowns, she had heels on for-ev-er. I'm guessing there were some pretty sore feet lining the halls for stealth selfies...or were there? 

Cannabidiol - a High Heel Lover's Secret Weapon CBD foot pain Cardi B AMAs

In the last few years, CBD oils and creams became high-heel loving celebrity's best friend. In fact, stars like Mandy Moore and Michelle Williams have been very vocal about their love for this product. (For the newbies, it comes from cannabis plants. But it doesn't actually deliver a high like marijuana. (Sorry to disappoint, y'all.) 

So, what does it do? And why could this oil help you wear high heels longer? Or even fight the heel pain of plantar fasciitis? Let's take a closer look!


What is CBD?

As I said, CBD comes from cannabis. It's one of over 100 active compounds inside the plant. In recent years, people flocked to this supplement, saying it helps with their anxiety, depression pain and inflammation.

CBD comes in three different forms. There's full-spectrum CBD, which includes all cannabis compounds. That means you'll get some THC in the mix. (This is the cannabinoid that gets you high in marijuana.) But as long as your CBD comes from hemp, it won't be enough to get you high.

Worried about any THC content? Not a problem! You can choose a broad-spectrum product. And that will contain all cannabis compounds. Except THC, which manufacturers complete remove from this product.

Finally, you may prefer a CBD isolate. That's pure CBD, with no trace of other cannabis compounds. It's effects may be less noticeable, though, because you won't experience the entourage effect. (That's when all cannabis compounds work together to maximize their benefits.)

CBD and Your Feet

What are those effects? Well, the science isn't entirely clear. But we've linked this compound to several different benefits. And many of them could help your feet stop hurting!

First of all, researchers link CBD to pain-relief. So, when applied to your feet, it may numb the pain you'd feel after spending the entire evening, in high heels, at the AMAs.

Research also suggests that CBD oil can reduce inflammation. In fact, it may work to reduce pain just like oral medications do. And that means it may relieve general foot pain, whether it's from exercise, or even when you're just standing up or walking normally. 

Even better? CBD oil may also help reduce arthritis symptoms in your feet. That includes tenderness, stiffness in the joints, pain and swelling. In fact, it may even improve your mobility. 

Finally, some people say that putting CBD oil on a clean, unopened blister helps those little bubbles heal at a quicker rate. (But, before you try this, be sure not to burst a blister on your own. Because that leaves you vulnerable to infection!) 

Can CBD help with heel pain?

Remember, CBD's only been legal since 2018. So research is all pretty new, and often unproven. And that's why we don't know much about treating plantar fasciitis with CBD.

But here's what we do know. With this condition, inflammation in your plantar fascia leaves you in pain. And we also know that early studies suggest CBD can fight inflammation.

Now, when I treat your heel pain in my office, I always target that inflammation. Often, I suggest keeping a frozen water bottle in your home. Then, I'll tell you to roll it along the bottom of your foot each night. Do this for at least 20 minutes, and your inflammation should go down.

Of course, that's not the only solution to plantar fasciitis. We also need to relieve tension in your plantar fascia. So, I'll likely have you practice daily stretches to help your body loosen up.

Also, I'll look at why your body overloaded in the first place. So, often, I'll also prescribe custom orthotics with heel pain. Because these handy devices offer support to prevent heel pain. Which means you'll experience lasting relief. Unlike with CBD, which would only offer temporary relief. And may just numb your pain, instead of targeting its underlying causes.

Trying the CBD Trend at Home

This CBD oil is loved by celebs because it keeps their feet from hurting in high heels!

Now you know that CBD is a stop-gap foot-pain solution. It won't cure any major foot problems. But I get why you'd want to give it a shot and see how it works for yourself. Especially if you just need help getting through one long night in heels.

Still, I would never recommend walking around for hours in high heels on a regular basis. But I understand that, every so often, it's a necessity. And when that is your reality, I don't see any harm in applying a little CBD cream to your feet. (Apparently the Lord Jones cream, pictured at right, is a celebrity favorite.)

Want some extra good news? If you like shopping local, as I believe we all should, Houston has a great CBD oil supplier. (It's called The Original American Shaman store, on State Hwy 6 and Bissonet!)

CBD oil is also starting to pop up at more mainstream locations across the country. (You can find it on display in many CVD pharmacies. Or even at luxury gym chains, such as Life Time fitness.)

So if you want to jump on the foot-numbing bandwagon, take heart in knowing you will soon have a fairly wide variety of shopping options available. And you'll also have the approval of your very own Houston podiatrist!

But I want you to remember this. If CBD oil isn't helping your pain go away, don't sit at home and hope things get better. Instead, schedule an appointment with Dr. Andrew Schneider right away. We'll make sure to address the root cause of your problem. So you'll experience lasting relief, not just a temporary numbing.

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