Your feet should not hurt when you runPain is your body's way to tell you that something is wrong. While you may consider some pain that you experience is normal, there really is no such thing as normal pain. there is a difference from soreness after a hard workout as opposed to pain when something is wrong. It is important that you identify the cause of the pain to make sure you are not forced to stop running.


It's true that "No Pain No Gain" was once the athlete's battle cry, but not anymore. It is important that you differentiate soreness from training from pain due to injury. Continuing to run through pain can worsen the injury and significantly delay your full recovery and return to your training. I see it everyday...runners who swore the pain would go away if they just run through it, only to encounter a severe tendonitis, tendon rupture, stress fracture, or worse.


Don't take the chance of having to stop running for a long recovery. If you are feeling pain when you are running, call Tanglewood Foot Specialists for a comprehensive evaluation. Dr. Schneider will do all he can to keep you running, but you have to do your part and take the first step.

Dr. Andrew Schneider
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