Do I need to wear a special shoe for my broken toe?

A broken toe can be very painful. Depending on where the toe is broken, which toe is broken, if it is in a good position, and how stable the bones appear are all factors as to whether a surgical shoe must be surgical shoe and boot for broken toeworn. This special shoe, if necessary, will allow you to bear weight in the foot while providing a stable sole which prevents excessive motion. There are times, however, where you can continue to wear your regular shoes. If this is the case, a low heeled or tennis shoe is preferred.

If the great toe is broken, your Houston Podiatrist may treat it differently. Because of the amount of pressure that the great toe must bear, it may be necessary to wear a surgical shoe, or even a fracture walking boot, to ensure it heals properly. The key to properly treating a broken toe is to get it evaluated as soon as possible.

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