We are always on the lookout for a quick fix. Unfortunately, when it comes to the toenails, one isn't available. Because all treatments for fungal toenails work on the new toenail growth, clearing the nail plate takes at least as long as it takes for the nail to fully grow out. The timeframe is typically 9-12 months for a great toenail and 6-9 months for the smaller toenails.


The best way to assure that the toenail grows out properly and as quickly as possible is to provide the most definitive treatHouston podiatrist uses Keryflex to improve toenail appearancement. Using an oral antifungal therapy, such as Lamisil, will provide the greatest success of therapy. Many also couple this with a topical medication, such as Formula 3, to supplement the oral medication and maximize the improvement.


While treatment for the fungal toenail takes time for the infection to resolve, it does not mean that you need to put up with ugly toenails until then. In my podiatry office in Houston, TX, we use a called KeryFlex. KeryFlex is a healthy artificial toenail. It is is composed of a flexible resin that will not dig into the toe and become infected, like an acrylic nail would. Women enjoy KeryFlex since it is able to be shaped and polished. Nail polish can also be removed without effecting the nail. Men like the natural appearance that KeryFlex provides when they are wearing sandals.


Don't wait for sandal season to treat your fungal toenails. Because of the time it requires to improve, the best time to start treating your toenails is TODAY! Contact your Houston Podiatrist to find out which antifungal therapy is the best one for you.

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