There are many causes of thick and ugly toenails. Fungus infections, trauma, and injuries from running, tennis, basketball, and other sports are the most common. When there is fungus, medication can be used to treat it, but you still have to wait almost a year for the nail to have a better appearance. If the nail is deformed from trauma, there is often no treatment, other than a topical solution and hope...until now!

Tanglewood Foot Specialists is proud to announce that we are the first in Houston, TX to offer the Keryflex toenail restoration system. This procedure uses polymer resins to create a flexible, durable artificial nail. This toenail looks and acts like your natural toenail. It can be filed and shaped, and polished. The nail polish can even be removed with an acetone-based nail polish remover!

This is a perfect treatment for men too! Even if the toenail isn't polished, it has a matte finish that looks completely natural. The Keryflex toenail is applied in the office in a painless procedure that takes approximately 15 minutes. There is no pain, no anesthetic, no surgery, and no lasers involved. You'll be amazed how great the toenail looks when you leave!  If you have toenail fungus, Keryflex can be applied immediately after treatment with our new laser.

Take a look: 


When you leave the office, you're ready to go. You can swim or shower immediately. You can even apply polish right away! Give us a call and see you are a candidate for Keryflex. Since the only criteria is that you have a toenail that you want to look probably are!
Houston Keryflex Toenai Restoration         Houston Keryflex Toenail Restoration

Houston Keryflex Toenail Restoration  Houston Toenail Restoration

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