Keryflex restoration for damaged toenails available at Tanglewood Foot Specialists

I know that you enjoy showing off nice-looking nails. And, if you're a frequent salon visiter, you may be interested in acrylic nails for your feet. After all, acrylic nails are very commonly used on fingernails. And some salons will apply them to your toenails as well. Unfortunately, while this may look great in the short term, it can be very problematic. In fact, getting acrylic toenails has the potential to cause pain and infection.

Why Do You Need to Cover Up Your Toenails?

There are a few reasons why people feel the need to cover up their natural toenail. First of all, your nail may have a toenail fungal infection. If that's the case, the fungus can make your nails appear thickened and yellow. For some people, the nail may crumble, and even give off a foul odor. 

Making things worse? It takes a long time to clear up toenail fungus. And then, even after we've treated the infection, you need to wait at least nine months for the toenail to grow out. I mean, women have babies in that time frame. I get that it sounds like too long to avoid wearing your favorite open-toed shoes or rocking a pretty nail polish. And I know you want a nicer appearing toenail before then!

Toenail Trauma: Another Hidden Problem

Another cause of thick, discolored toenails is due to trauma. Trauma is very common on our feet: you can bump your toe, stub your toe, or have your toe stepped on. It's possible that it's not any major trauma. In fact, even something as simple as repetitively hitting the end or the top of your shoe with your shoe can cause problems. While the damage is often temporary, it is possible that the damage can be lasting. And that may lead you to find a way to cover up the damage.

Runners and Dancers: Another Ugly Toe Problem

Two groups of athletes in particular often seek help prettying up their toenails. And those include runners and dancers. Why are these atheletes so worried about the appearance of their toenails? 

Here's the story. Lots of people who run, especially for long distances, develop black toenails. Sometimes, their nails even fall off. Now, it's actually pretty easy to avoid this problem. (Just follow these simple tips.) But, if that ship already sailed? You may need to cover up your ugly runner's toenails. 

The same is true for many dancers. Sports like ballet, where you dance en pointe, cause major trauma to your feet and nails. Luckily, people are working on sport-specific solutions to this problem. 

Already, there are scientifically developed toe shoes that may protect your feet. Still, they're not yet widely accepted. So dancers' toenails still take frequent beatings. And that means they need help getting nicer-looking toenails. But does that mean trying acrylic toenails? Let's take a closer look. 

The Problem with Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails are hard and inflexible. While this isn't an issue on your fingernails, it poses a problem when you put your feet into a shoe. Why is that the case? 

Well, in real life, your toenails flex as you walk and as you contact a shoe. And that prevents breaks and injury. But, without this flexibility, your nail would embed into your toe. Pretty soon, you'll be dealing with an ingrown toenail. And the problem only gets worse from there. 

If you're wearing acrylic nails, and your nail grows inward, wearing shoes gets even more dangerous. Why? Well, the pressure from the shoe, even for a short time, can cause a severe toe infection to form. Then, once your nail gets infected, the only way to get better is to seek an in-office procedure. That will involve removing the nail, and treating the infection. 
Now, we don't treat an acrylic ingrown toenail any differently from how we would treat a natural ingrown toenail. Still, the risk of infection is higher with a hard, fake nail. So it's better to avoid acrylic nails to prevent these problems from occurring.

Keryflex Nail Restoration System: the Better for you Pretty-Nail Solution example of keryflex nail restoration system results

By now, you may be in despair. You don't like the way your toenails look. But you're not trying to sign up for painful, infected, ingrown toenails. Never fear: at Tanglewood Foot Specialists, we offer a solution. 

Here in the office, we use innovative technology known as Keryflex nail restoration. Basically, Keryflex is a keratin resin that I apply over your own toenail. The procedure lasts just minutes, and is painless. Then, once I'm done, Keryflex provides you with a healthy, natural-looking false nail. 

But why is this system superior to acrylic nails? Well, the answer is simple. Keryflex uses Keratin. And Keratin is the same substance from whiic your natural nails are built. As a result, unlike acrylics,a Keratin nail is flexible. And, for that reason, it will not cause the same problems as acrylic nails. 

Want to hear even better news? After application, you can use nail polish and nail polish remover with the Keryflex toenail,. It looks and functions just like a regular toenail, giving your natural nail time to heal safely.

By the way, men often come in to have a Keryflex toenail applied to damaged or fungal nails. Especially during sandal season. We can make the nails without any shine or polish, so no one will know you have anything but your own toenails.

Find Out if Keryflex is Right for You

We have had many satisfied patients, both men and women. They keep coming back to have Keryflex reapplied to their toenails.  Some come just for the summer months. Others show up just before a vacation. And still others come in for year round nail applications. Many have tried acrylic nails and found them to be either painful or inadequate. And this is their better option. 

Contact Tanglewood Foot Specialists to see if you are a candidate for Keryflex toenail restoration. In 30 minutes, you'll leave with natural appearing toenails. You will love wearing sandals all year round, without pain or embarrassment. Sounds good, right? If you agree, reach out online or give us a call at 713-785-7881. We'll schedule you for an immediate appointment.