No matter how you treat your fungal toenails, you are treating the new growth of the toenail. The existing thick and discolored nail plate will not change. Instead it will grow out as the nail is treated.


Houston podiatrist uses Keryflex to improve toenail appearanceToenails do not grow quickly. It takes approximately 9-12 months for a great toenail to fully grow out and 6-9 months for the nails on the other toes to progress. Not realizing this, many people are disappointed to learn in the spring that their infected toenails will not be completely clear for summer. At least they'll be clear for next year!


If you don't want to go through another summer with thick and discolored toenails, we provide a service called KeryFlex. Keryflex is a healthy, flexible, natural appearing artificial toenail that can cover a nail damaged from fungus infection or trauma. This non-invasive procedure has provided both women and men a healthier appearing toenail while the nail improves with treatment for the fungal infection.


To learn about your options to get your toenails clear of fungus and ready for sandal season (which here in Houston is most of the year), contact Tanglewood Foot Specialists to schedule an appointment with Dr. Andrew Schneider.

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