Burning and stinging pain from peripheral neuropathyPeripheral neuropathy often causes a burning and stinging pain in the feet. Not every case of peripheral neuropathy is due to diabetes. Also, not every person with diabetes develops peripheral neuropathy. I find some of my Houston patients are told by physicians that their numbness caused by peripheral neuropathy is a precursor to diabetes. This is not true.

Peripheral neuropathy can, and often does, stand alone from diabetes. When diabetics do develop peripheral neuropathy, it is a result of diabetes and not vice versa. In fact, there are even people who are diabetic, but the cause of their peripheral neuropathy is from something other than diabetes!

Now that I've provided you more confusion, the bottom line is to not make assumptions. Visit your Houston podiatrist to determine the cause of your peripheral neuropathy.

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Dr. Andrew Schneider
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